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Change My Shape

CMS has been a great success with 1000’s of people seeing amazing changes in their shape with less than 4 hours exercise a week and no strict dieting.

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To change your shape, you do not need to train for hours on end, just relevant exercise at correct times. The most important part is your eating habits. On the CMS program many people actually end up eating more as well as having the luxury of eating their favourite foods. You will not be on a diet on CMS but change to a healthier eating option. NO counting calories or weighing food.

Everything is based on what I term your FURNACE. This is your internal fire responsible for burning calories and keeping your body operating efficiently. We need to get your furnace blazing because if you are considerably overweight, then you can be certain that your furnace, at present, is not very efficient. In fact, your furnace is probably just a little flickering flame. Your body is probably conditioned to be a fat storing machine not a fat burning machine.

Everything is based on what I term your FURNACE. This is your internal fire responsible for burning calories and keeping your body operating efficiently. We need to get your furnace blazing because if you are considerably overweight, then you can be certain that your furnace, at present, is not very efficient. In fact, your furnace is probably just a little flickering flame. Your body is probably conditioned to be a fat storing machine not a fat burning machine.

Other symptoms of your furnace not blazing efficiently are

  • Lack of energy
  • Get ill easily
  • No get up and go
  • Struggle to wake up even after long sleep
  • Good sleep
  • Always tired
  • Skin looking saggy and tired
  • Craving for sweet foods
  • Craving for unhealthy foods
  • Lack of motivation

How to get your furnace blazing

Just like any fire, you need 2 ingredients, fuel and oxygen. If you diet, then you have no fuel. If you eat rubbish then your quality of fuel is rubbish. If you don’t exercise you have very little oxygen. So simply put, there are 2 ways in which you will get your furnace blazing, eating more and exercising efficiently.

Although to get your furnace blazing is a simple process, we still need motivation to do it. Here are some reasons why we eventually decide to start.

We decide that we want to change
We decide that we need to change
We no longer have a decision because we are sick and tired of being sick and tired and know that we have to change

You need something to help you get your furnace fired up again and the CMS program is the vehicle to help you. Before you know it, you will feel yourself change internally and see yourself changing externally.

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Your eating program will be based on eating regular meals. This is very easy to follow.

This works because if normally you eat at 8 in the morning for example and the not again till 4 in the afternoon, your body will think that you are going for long periods of time without fuel and slow your furnace right down and store the calories as fat to burn later. Even then on a weekend when maybe you eat more regularly your body will still store it.

With CMS your will eat a small healthy amount every few hours. Very soon your body will think that as you are consuming calories regularly and so you do not need to store it as fat, your furnace stokes up and burns, burns, burns. Even when you have a big meal, like on your day off, your body will still think you have another meal coming in a few hours and burn that big meal off too.


Your exercise regime is simple. You do 4 LIVE online personal training sessions which last 30 minutes, Monday through to Thursday. Then you need to do just 2 more sessions on 2 other days. With over 30 LIVE on line classes a week at varying times, including recorded sessions this is very easy to do.

The on-line version of CMS allows you to complete the program in the convenience and safety of your home. You will not need much space.

You will only be required to exercise for less than 4 hours a week, although once you get started, once you get used to working out on line, once you see all your new friends who are all on the same path, once you see other members who have successfully completed the program and once you start to see results yourself, then you will no doubt start to exercise more. Not because you need to but because you will want too.

Windows of opportunity

You also need to take advantage of windows of opportunity. This means that at certain times of the day your body is more prime for fat loss.

An example of this is what happens to your body after you exercise. Your body has used reserves of carbohydrates (sugars) to fuel your body and these are being used while you exercise. Once you have finished your workout your body is craving the used up carbohydrates. If you give it carbohydrates with a sweet drink, fruit, pasta etc then you will feel good as your body wants it. The result will be a fitter you but not necessarily thinner you.

This is a window of opportunity and if you want to lose body fat then you should not give your body the carbohydrates that you have worked so hard to use up. Instead you want your body to use the reserves of body fat that you have and convert those for the energy you need to replenish. You will not see the results immediately but you will see the results after 4 weeks of constant correct action. You will be advised of all windows of opportunity which, no doubt, you will continue with going forward.

How much does it cost?

CMS is offered to all BlazeFit Gold subscribers as a way to get your wellbeing well and truly on its way. We want to offer people the opportunity to really see the results of their efforts.

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BlazeFit offer over 30 LIVE, heart pumping, body shaping and mind stretching live streamed workouts are the perfect antidote for the difficult times we are all living in today. BlazeFit workouts turn fitness, dance and wellness on its head, and deliver enjoyable and dynamic online classes right in your home.

Yes, we could charge a premium and many people would happily pay for it. What we also understand is that if we help you get great results then we have succeeded in our field of expertise. Also, you will then, hopefully, share what we do with family and friends who will then in turn decide to change their shapes. We believe that

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You will see how well it works and how the importance of regular exercise is and so continue to subscribe to the BlazeFit way as well as hopefully recommend us. Although, once your friends and family see how well you look then no doubt they will ask you how you did it.

The Gold subscription is £20 per month with no contract and no minimum period. The Change My Shape program is included as one of the bonuses of being a subscriber. The program begins every few weeks and we recommend you start doing a few classes before you start the program so subscribe now and start your journey.

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How much weight can I expect to lose?

CMS does not focus on weight but on shape. There are many programs out there that focus on weight and can build insecurities as your weight can fluctuate a lot, even in a day. Muscle burns calories, fat does not, muscle tones, fat is flab, so our intention is to build more muscle giving a lean, firm, toned body. As muscle weighs 5 times more than fat, you may end up not losing any weight at all but you will end up fitting into smaller clothes. Although you may lose weight, weighing yourself daily or regularly is not encouraged. Let your clothes size, how you feel and how you look determine your success. Remember, CMS focuses on giving you a more toned, fat burning body.

Can I really eat what I want?

Life is about enjoyment and food is a massive part of that enjoyment. With everything in life, the more you are forced away from the things you enjoy the more you want them. The whole point of the CMS program is to be able to enjoy life and for you to be able to maintain it. Most of the week you will be eating healthy, small regular meals. You will not be weighing or counting calories. You will very soon be able to judge the correct amount at each meal. On your day off, you can eat anything. Ice cream, pizza, burgers, chips, cake etc anything you wish.

How can I eat all this without putting weight on?

Something I define as your furnace. This is your internal engine designed to burn calories. If you are overweight and out of shape then your furnace, instead of blazing, is probably just flickering. Once CMS gets your furnace blazing, it can deal with anything you give it, it will just burn it off.

Can I drink alcohol?

Although not recommended while on the program we suggest that you keep it to a minimum except on your day off.

How can I change my shape with less than 4 hrs exercise? Surely you have to exercise more?

Quality not quantity is the secret. Many times, I see people at the gym doing 30 mins on the cross trainer followed by 30 mins on the bike and then 30 mins on the treadmill. Lots of sweat, and lots of time. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the time to do this. As long as we get the intensity levels correct we can achieve what we want in a short period of time and this has been proven with CMS.

Do I have to join a gym?

In these uncertain times many people feel safer and more comfortable at home than in public environments. The CMS program is designed to be done in the convenience of your home with the bare minimum of equipment (a pair of resistance bands and a pair of light dumbells). Even if you have no equipment we can give you options. With our LIVE on-line classes, it will feel like you are in a real LIVE class but with the safety of being home. The instructor can see you so you will be advised on how to perform the exercises safely and correctly.

I’m not very technically minded. Is it easy to do online?

This is something we have worked very hard on keeping simple and our subscribers agree that we really have managed to keep it simple. With everything in life, anything new seems daunting at first but after a while if the system is done well it becomes very easy. You will see a section called “classes”. Click this and book however many classes you wish to book. Booking is just one click. If you want to unbook, then click the same button. You will see in the same area a list of all your booked classes. 5 minutes before the class is due to start the button next to the class will change from booked to “join”. Click this, read the safety disclaimer and join the class. We use Zoom, which is something that allows video communication. Most people already have zoom on their phones or computers, and in that instance, they will just enter the class. If you do not have it, then you will be directed to a link and you can download it. Any problems at all then contact us.

Do I have to have my video on?

As a normal subscriber you do not need to have your camera on although only a very small percentage of subscribers choose not to have their camera on. On CMS though, you will need to have your camera on as we will need to see you perform the exercises safely and efficiently to make sure that you reach your goals. You can set it so that only the instructor sees you but we are sure that soon you will no longer be camera shy and in fact look forward to seeing and saying hello to the rest of the BlazeFit family.

I’ve been told that you cannot achieve these results in this short space of time.

They say “seeing is believing”. Well just look at all the photos, these are real people just like you, who have achieved their results after only 4 weeks. You just have to believe it in the first place. Some people will dismiss it without even trying. If you just do the things you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do them, there will come a time when you can do the things you want, when you want to do them. Take a look at all the images on this page, zoom in and see that these are not super models, but just normal people looking to get back to good health. These and 100’s more are the seeing to make you start. The doing will make you believe.

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What if I miss a workout or meal?

If you have missed it you have missed it. There is nothing worse than being on a program that is so strict that you cannot be human. The secret is to keep going. Get straight back on it the next day or the next meal. It’s important to plan so that it doesn’t happen too often as we only have a window of 4 weeks to change your shape. If you are working away then plan some basic meals and take them with you. If you have a busy day ahead, plan to work out early before you go. If you do this you will feel so much better after. You will know that you have overcome a hurdle that many other people may have used as an excuse. It is planning which is key.

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What happens after CMS is completed?

CMS will be a life changing event. You will see the results and understand a new way of healthy eating and efficient exercising. You have worked hard for 4 weeks to get to a better you, so hopefully you will recognise the importance of continuing with the same frame of mind. You may want to add more muscle, you may want to trim down more. Whatever your goal may be, you will a lot more knowledge to take you forward.

Will anyone be able to see my before and after photos?

NO.... these images are for your benefit, to give you inspiration to want to continue to make the change. By seeing your before picture every day, it will give you the push to exercise harder, to eat properly and to CHANGE YOUR SHAPE... At the end of 4 weeks you will have visible evidence of your success. Remember you probably decided to commit to this program based on images of other people. If you want us to publicise your success then that’s fantastic if not, then we totally understand.

Do I have to use protein shakes and other supplements?

It is very important that we have the correct nutrition to perform at the right intensity and efficiency. The supplements are basic but very important in success of this program. They are easily available from the high street and in fact will save you money and time as the shakes will replace 2 meals a day.

Will I receive support while on CMS?

From the moment you enrol, you will be constantly contacted to help you achieve your goal. Constant motivation will be given. You will be part of a WhatsApp group with other members who have completed the program as well as brand new members like yourself. Our members tell us that this is their greatest resource, where advice is given to members by members. We will be with you from start to finish.

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About Change My Shape from the founder Kirit Thakore

Food, diet, exercise, it can take over your life... Well, it has been my life.

I have always been about the same weight and shape most of my life. Putting lots of muscle on or shredding lots of body fat has never been easy, but keeping my body at a level that, to be honest, most people would be happy with, was not that difficult.

I have, for certain reasons, put lots of muscle on as well as shred body fat so that my abs were on show. Sometimes they call it bulking when you looking to add weight and shredding when you are looking to strip body fat. Both of these results are available but they both take a lot of discipline, a lot of exercise and a lot of stopping doing the fun things.

When I stopped the regime, my body would return again to my ‘natural’ state. All that hard work was never going to be maintained forever. But as long as exercised regularly (which I really enjoy anyway) and ate moderately (I always know what’s good or bad) then I stayed fairly trim. Yes, I may not have my abs showing or looked really muscly in a t shirt but I still fitted nicely in a t shirt, and slim fitting shirts were fine.

People used to ask me what I ate or drank after class, how much protein I had, what my macros and micros were etc (the first time somebody asked about micros and macros, I didn’t have a clue). I always use to tell people that after class I would have anything I wanted, KFC (when I ate meat), takeaway, homemade... if I fancied an alcoholic drink, I would.

This was the first clue for my Change My Shape program.

As a fitness instructor blessed with many clients over the years, my classes were full of people all shapes, sizes and abilities. One day 3 new people walked into my class. These 3 people were very slim and athletic looking. You see, I have always been interested in getting people fit, not necessarily getting them slim. Well, after 10 minutes, they were huffing and puffing away, struggling to keep up whereas members who were considerably larger still had plenty in the tank. So, size doesn’t matter. I know many people who are not your usual athletic looking people but boy oh boy are they fit. I myself was not super trim with a 6 pack, but I’ll tell you, I will not give up when working out and even now in my 50’s, I’ll happily train alongside much younger people without fear of coming second.

This was the second clue for my Change My Shape program.

At the gym, I also noticed a lot of people with plastic containers of food that looked pretty unappealing (hey, if they like it that’s fine), like boiled chicken and rice with what looked like no flavouring. Now, I know why many looked miserable, sorry if anyone eats like that here, but just my observation. Remember, you are happier when you are doing something you like, and this is the same as when you eat. I know I feel happy when tucking into my favourite food.

As well as this rather bland food, I would see many people taking supplements. Supplements for muscle growth, supplements for fat loss, supplements for energy, supplements to supplement supplements.

So, Hansa (my better half) said to me one day, “why don’t you put together a program based on how you live”... And the idea for Change My Shape was born.

I looked into a lot of things I was DOING... and then looked more into how I could supercharge those things. I looked at food groups, supplements, exercise and most of important - windows of opportunity. What to eat and when to eat. Funny thing is, I was already doing most of these things without realising it.

I looked into food first.

Everything in moderation.

I then looked into how the body works, I read lots about how the body processes food, how it uses it. how it stores it etc and here are, in my opinion, the main points.

The body is a self-preservation unit. It is designed to LIVE and it will in all situations find remarkable ways to survive. It is totally self-healing if we allow it.

All food is nutritional when you are starving, the body is an amazing machine and can process and convert almost anything. All food is poisonous when taken in excess. It’s in this excess that more damage is done than when hungry. So as long as we don’t eat in excess then we are ok.

This is what I was doing anyway. Yes, I would eat, supposedly unhealthy foods like fried chicken but I wouldn’t eat so much that I would pop, not always anyway. I would have a couple of drinks but not so much that I deemed too much. I would gauge this with how my body felt. I’m certain we all know when we have eaten or when we are eating too much. Sometimes we know we should not have that ’extra’ slice of cake, but we do. Same as alcohol. I think I was more aware of these choices. I had already got my enjoyment, I didn’t need to force any more in.

I learned that it was sugars (carbohydrates) caused insulin spikes. I learned that insulin is known as the fat storing hormone. I learned that anytime we have too much sugar in our body then insulin increases, meaning that excess sugar which we are not using will be stored as fat.

The normal breakfast for most people is cereal, toast, orange juice etc... all are sugar, sugar, sugar. So really your ‘healthy’ breakfast is helping you gain weight.

This may be a very simple explanation but I like simple and yes, there are always exceptions to the rule, but I needed to find ways to reduce this and that’s exactly what we do with CMS.

I looked at the secret of longevity by looking at the lives of the oldest people. They all had one thing in common, and that was not eating too much. It was either small amounts throughout the day or a big breakfast, small lunch and light evening meal. Oh, also not to worry too much about eating anything. If they fancied it, they would have it.

Diets? This is where the self-preservation is easy to understand. If you diet excessively, like the 500 calories diet, then obviously you will lose weight but what really happens, especially when you stop the diet? Let’s see.

Everyone has a necessary daily calorie intake to function. It’s actually less than we are often guided but on average for a woman it is up to 2000 calories a day and for men 2500. A calorie is just a basic unit of energy.

If your body realises that you are eating less than you need it will think you are in starvation mode. Once this is done for more than a few days the body will start to get concerned that you are not going to get enough food to continue to live in the same way, so it goes into starvation mode, which means it starts to slow down. You feel sluggish, you lack energy, and life in general is not exactly fun. Let’s go back to the 500 calorie diet, if on a day you have 700 calories, your body will still think that you are only going to get 500 calorie going forward, so it stores the extra 200 for self-preservation.

This is the exact reason why people who go on extreme, unrealistic diets, lose lots of weight, but also put it on faster and even more after they start eating “normal” again.

If food was fuel on a fire, if you don’t put the right type of fuel on it will not blaze very well and if you don’t put enough fuel in regular then it will not burn very well either.

This is the 1st principle of getting your furnace blazing.

I then looked into exercise.

Now, I love exercise. It is not something I feel I need to do, it is something I want to do. I can happily train for hours and this is the reason why I became a fitness instructor, but I also know that this is not the case for everyone. I see these diet programs where people have to train really hard, for long periods of time and think if they will maintain this after. For me personally, yes, I have trained hard for long periods of time, but for the majority of the time I maintained a regime of about 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week. This keeps me in trim. Here is a simple explanation.

If on Monday you boil a pan of water, it will take a lot of heat to get it to boil. Once boiled, you turn off the heat and wait till Thursday to boil it again, by which time it has gone cold. You then repeat the process every Monday and Thursday. Instead, once boiled on Monday, what if you just kept it simmering. To simmer you can turn the heat right down and the water stays hot. The heat required to keep the water hot is minimum, it is working to optimum efficiency, ticking over nicely.

So, I knew that it was not necessary to exercise loads. In fact through the testing period I realised that less than 4 hours a week was all that was needed consisting of resistance and cardio. Resistance being very important as that builds muscle and muscle burns calories to maintain.

The 4 hours has to be spread out over 6 days to keep the body ticking over at maximum. On CMS you will be doing half an hour a day for 4 days and then a max of 45 minutes on 2 other days. Most people start to get the fitness bug and then do more, but that’s a choice.

This is the 2nd principle of getting your furnace blazing.

I looked into supplements

Through my success with CMS as well as my achievements in my fitness career I had been approached by supplements companies to promote their brands and it was during this process that I looked more into supplements. Also, for many years, I was also attracted to promises made by the supplements industry. Well, who wouldn’t be interested in getting a 6 pack in 6 days (it never worked though).

One company I was sponsored by sold their brand of product for approx £70. I was able to purchase this for less than half that price to then sell to my customers. That is a lot of profit. They said their product had the highest quality ingredients and again statements to make you think that by taking these supplements you could achieve anything.

Keeping supplements simple

I only recommend 3 supplements.

A protein shake, as it is an easy cheap meal addition. I suggest the cheapest brands and will let you know the protein to carbohydrate that you should look for.

Green tea extract as this is a natural energiser and I believe will help with the fat burning process. Not the drink as that is not potent enough.

Omega 3 oil as this is a natural anti-inflammatory agent which will help combat soreness which you are more than likely to feel with a new workout regime.

That’s it and I will explain in more detail when you start so that it makes sense.

This is the 3rd principle of getting your furnace blazing.

These are the very simple principles that if followed, then I guarantee will get you results.

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Kirit Thakore is a qualified fitness instructor who has been in his field for over 25 years.

He has enjoyed fitness and healthy living for most of his life and spent many years training martial arts. Through this, his understanding of anatomy, nutrition, fitness etc was developed with philosophies from both modern Western and ancient traditional Eastern methods.

He started his SAS - Stretchnstamina fitness classes as a general fitness class for partners of other martial arts students. These classes fused martial arts based routines with normal aerobic based exercises. SAS soon grew, with a number of venues being filled out throughout the Midlands.

Kirit realised that many of his SAS students were becoming very fit and losing some weight as well as toning up a little. But as he was limited in the amount of time he had with them as well as having no control over their lifestyle outside of class it was difficult to do much more than that. His partner Hansa, then came up with the idea that he should take on a small number of people and using his experience see if it was possible to change their shape in a short space of time. Thus CMS - Change My Shape was born.

Kirit spent some time using his knowledge and also studying many books on fat loss, many diets, efficient exercise programs etc and then put together the formula for CMS. He announced to his SAS group what he was going to do and asked if anybody wanted to try. He did not select any specific people just the first 10. He had to put together a program that could fit into the lives of everyday people and have a cost that could fit into most people›s budgets.

The 1st CMS program was an overwhelming success and as soon as the before and after images were published on Facebook his notifications went through the roof. The rest is history as numbers of enquiries continue to come in as the evidence of how successful CMS is there for all to see.

Kirit is a believer of not just do as I say, but do as I do and so, he did the whole program alongside this trial group. Although he was happy with his body shape he wanted to know how it would affect him. Here are his results.


His personal result as well as even better results from others made him understand the process worked. He went onto helping 100’s of people transform their bodies.

Kirit also founded BhangraBlaze which became the largest Bhangra based fitness company in the UK with more than 100 instructors delivering his designed workouts propelling him and his team to some of the biggest stages in the world as well as having his very own Bhangra fitness slot on a daytime fitness TV program.

Since the world changed with COVID, Kirit has transformed the fitness world with the largest online LIVE fitness company and rebranded to become BlazeFit as so many additions to Bhangra fitness were added. BlazeFit now offers more than 30 LIVE fitness on line routine every week.

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